Millions of Rand Lost, Arsonists burn and loot Six trucks on the N3 Highway to KZN
By Zama L
July 10th, 2023

This is not the July looting that happened over a year ago. Although it has gotten Trucker drivers and business men/women worried for their lives and lose of goods. This incident happened half way to Durban from Gauteng.

Six Trucks were burned and looted of all their goods, It's not clear whether the motivation was about the looting or the usual complains by citizens over trucking companies hiring foreign national drivers over them. However this incident has caused panic amongst other drivers taking that route.

The truck burning and looting on the N3 Highway have significant disadvantages for the business community. Firstly, these acts of violence and destruction result in severe economic losses for businesses involved in the transportation and logistics sector. Trucks are vital for transporting goods across the country, and when they are burned or looted, it disrupts the supply chain and hampers the delivery of essential goods to businesses and consumers. The damage caused to trucks also leads to financial burdens for businesses as they have to bear the costs of replacing or repairing the vehicles.

Secondly, the incidents of truck burning and looting create an atmosphere of fear and insecurity among the business community. Entrepreneurs and investors rely on a stable and secure environment to conduct their operations effectively. When such violent acts occur frequently, it erodes trust and confidence in the business environment, discouraging both local and foreign investments. The business community may become hesitant to operate in areas prone to such incidents, leading to decreased economic activity, job losses, and ultimately impacting the overall growth of businesses and the economy as a whole.

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