Neighbor calls Police at 3:AM hearing couple next Door Fight, Police Only showed up at 9Am to Collect Dead Body. -Johannesburg
By Litha Theo
July 9th, 2023

Neighbor calls Police at 3:AM hearing couple next Door Fight, Police Only showed up at 9Pm to Collect Dead Body.

Tibilisa who lives in the Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg, when he had the couple next door having a fight. He immediately called the police, well knowing the history of Gender Based violence in South Africa. He never took any chances and decided to call 10111 so the police could come in quickly and try to prevent the worst from happening. But the police never showed up until 9AM, About 6 hours later. Only to collect the dead body of the woman.

The increased cases of gender-based violence (GBV) in South Africa can be attributed to a complex interplay of various factors. These include deeply entrenched gender inequalities, patriarchal norms and attitudes that perpetuate male dominance and control, a culture of violence and aggression, socio-economic disparities, substance abuse, inadequate law enforcement and justice systems, and a lack of comprehensive education and awareness programs.

The legacy of apartheid and the high levels of poverty and unemployment further exacerbate these issues, creating an environment where GBV thrives. Addressing this multifaceted problem requires a comprehensive approach that includes legal reforms, social and cultural transformation, improved access to education and economic opportunities, and robust support systems for survivors.

Furious Tibilisa says, had the police done their job, they would at least have saved that lady.

We have not got any comments from the police about this incident.

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